Residential Exteriors in Garnet Valley, PA

We are First State Contractors, a team of excellent professionals that specialize in interior and exterior construction. Our team is located in Garnet Valley, PA with expert professionals who have over 50 years of industry experience combined. As a business, our commitment is to provide our customers with the best services possible. While we service our local residential areas, we also provide the same to commercial, and multi-housing properties. Over the years we have been able to expand the capabilities of our services. Listed below are a few areas we assist our customers with on a daily basis.

  • Roofing: It is important to protect your family (or business) at all times and the roof is a major element to safety. In addition to security, a beautiful roof provides great curb appeal.
  • Siding: To improve the durability and efficiency of your home’s exterior, it is vital to equip your home with insulated vinyl siding.
  • Windows: Your windows serve more purposes than separating outside from your home. High quality windows should be energy efficient and a design you love.
  • Doors: We provide the best entrance to your home with affordable, intricately designed, and aesthetically beautiful doors around.
  • Interiors: Our professional team covers every room inside of your home from the basement, to the kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, and more.
  • Decks: A deck is a beautiful addition to all any homes. It is amazing to sit outside of and still feel as if you are in a home away from home.
  • Patios: Today patios are more than just a few steps away from your front door. Homeowners are now able to create exquisite textures from concrete, bricks, cobblestones, wood, seashells, and more.
  • Sunrooms: For homeowners who love to grow plants now have the option to do so outside. There are some plants that require more room than you can allocate inside.