New Castle County Residential Remodeling

First State Contractors remodeling specialists, offer homeowners quality home improvement services in the areas of interior and exterior designs. The amount of time and labor that goes into completing the perfect project are limitless. Remodeling specialists focus on the smallest details, so they can meet and exceed their customer’s expectation.

What Goes into Quality Residential Remodeling Services?

All companies are not the same. Companies like First State Contractors put their unwavering commitment to excellence, and customer’s satisfaction above all else. Licensed, bonded, and insured home improvement specialist assesses the scene, before the initial work begins, and get an accurate view and feel of what the customer wants, and how much they are willing to spend.

Problematic Areas to Consider

The most common problem household complain about is the lack of space. The closets are not large enough, the living area is too small, the bathroom showering area is too cramped, etc. Remodeling experts address these concerns by offering spacing solutions that works:

Problem: Organization Vs Reorganization

Organizing smaller areas don’t necessarily work in smaller rooms. Despite the many arrangements, at the end of the day, the size, width, and length of the area has not changed.

Solution: Renovation Vs Additional rooms

Tear down the appropriate wall, and add width, length, and height to the area. Adding an additional room to another part of the home can increase the living area, and provide more space for additional furnishing and seating.


All residential remodeling projects are completed according to our customer’s specification. Call or come by today, and get a free estimate. There’s no place like home.