Construction Project Management in West Chester, PA

constructionDevoting funds and your budget in a commercial building whether it is for a new business or an expansion is a major investment. When you commit to such an endeavor, it is important to know every single detail. As a construction project management team, First State Contractors thrives on ensuring a specific list that covers all of your bases.

  • Pre-Construction Planning: Here we will address everything you desire to have implemented in the project. Rooms, specific area designations, timelines, and more.
  • Project Scheduling: It is important to know what time (and how much) you are working with. This lets everyone understand deadlines and possible extensions if needed.
  • Cost Estimating: We understand that everyone has their own budget. It is our mission to make sure we work within your financial plan, while providing the best materials possible.
  • Design Review/Value Engineering: Are there specific areas that you would like to be different than others? No problem! Your design will unique and fitting for the purposes you intend them to be.
  • Construct-ability Review: During the entire process we don’t want to put any limits on your ideas. If for any reason something just does not work, our expert team will let you know immediately and devise alternative options.
  • Scope Definition: To be on one accord of considering the extent of your wants and our capabilities is a big priority for us.
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly Meetings Based on Schedule: Depending upon how you will like to set this up, our representatives will have meetings regarding progress, time schedules, and possible delays (if applicable).
  • Detailed Schedule Updates: In addition to weekly or bi-weekly meetings, we also want to let you know how everything regarding the project is going. We are strict on meeting your deadlines and letting you know every step of the way.
  • Sub-contractors Weekly Meetings (Schedule, Change Orders, Safety, etc): If for any reason we need to utilize a sub-contractor for materials or other services we will let you know. Our team will advise you on the reasons as to why a sub-contractor is needed and if any additional funds are required for your approval.
  • Owner Change Orders- Time Extensions: Under the worse case scenario that any team changes are made on both parties, it is advisable that we both re-convene with each other to discuss your project.
  • Inspections (State & Local): One of our main goals is to make sure your project meets all state & local requirements for proper use.
  • Payment Applications: These are utilized to confirm that all payments (in stages or whole) are carefully agreed upon.
  • Request for Information (RFI): If for any reason you would like to find out more information, this form will direct your requests to the correct department.
  • Submittals- Subcontracts: If you would like to use any subcontractors, it is vital to make sure each team is on the same page to complete the project efficiently.
  • Material Ordering: There are some companies that we have great trusting business relationships with. If you would like to use a specific company for materials, that is okay.
  • Sub Back Charges: If for any reason we need to collect an expense from a prior billing period or an error, it is important to know for completing your project.
  • Independent Inspections & Testing: Our expert team is well versed in inspections and testing for proper necessities. However, no one is perfect and we recommend having another set of eyes just to make sure everything is done properly.
  • Punch List: This is for both parties (mostly us) to make sure we are meeting the tasks you hire us for. We do our best to make sure all of your plans are met exactly the way you want them to be