Construction Planning in Chadds Ford, PA

Construction PlanFirst State Contractors in Chadds Ford, PA offers quality, detailed workmanship. Your project will have a team of well-trained individuals to handle your construction needs. One of those needs is the complex task of construction planning.

Our Construction Planning Process includes:

  • Pre-Construction Planning – Prior to construction, pre-construction involves planning, designing, and evaluating the cost of the project.
  • Project Scheduling – The plan to be laid out and completed by the deadline.
  • Cost Estimating – The estimated budget for the project.
  • Design Review/Value Engineering – Discuss and review the design during development, construction, and operational phases.
  • Construct-ability Review – Certifies that the structure or land can be built upon or renovated.
  • Scope Definition – Understanding the project to be created.
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly Meetings Based on Schedule – The planned meetings determine that the project is on schedule.
  • Detailed Schedule Updates – Updates during each phase of the project to ensure the schedule is being followed.
  • Subcontractors Weekly Meetings (Schedule, Change Orders, Safety, etc.) – Subcontractors meet to determine changes, delays, and analysis of the projects progress.
  • Owner Change Orders- Time Extensions – If the client has additions to the project, appropriate extensions to the project schedule will be made.
  • Inspections (State & Local) – Inspections take place maintain proper city and state building codes and regulations.
  • Payment Applications – A schedule with full payment details.
  • Request for Information (RFI) – A document to request more information about a vendor.
  • Submittals- Subcontracts – A timely drafted report that documents the required materials need to work on the project.
  • Material Ordering – Ordering the correct materials needed.
  • Sub Back Charges – A billing charge for incomplete or damaged work.
  • Independent Inspections & Testing – An outside inspection company that offers testing and inspection of the construction work and project details.
  • Punch List – a project listing that details work that is incomplete or not up to code. These items must be completed to the client’s specifications before the final payment can be made.