Construction Company in Odessa, DE

Commercial Builder EstimatesYou have a dream. A building with all its entrances and exits finely crafted with that oh so special wood trim in the ceiling to wall crevice. Call it a baby—your baby. You cannot build it yourself. You will have to have help. You begin searching for a construction company in Odessa DE that will understand how to take care of YOUR baby.  You look at all the construction companies out there and you find First State Contractors. Everyone asks why is this construction company different? Here’s why:

  1. Experience – The man who built First State Contractors was like you. His dream was quality people doing a job. Using his dream means creating your dream in the way that works for you. Quality people know how to do a job effectively and efficiently.
  2. Price – Pricing comes down to choices, the least of which is the materials. All the choices made in the planning such as scheduling, who to use, and weaving the parts together as a whole determines the price. You want people who make good choices for the circumstances in front of them time after time. Perryman Building and Construction does that.
  3. Due Dates – It’s your baby! So at some point it has to become born. Everything you, the  people financing it, and the people building it have to understand that. In construction the due date becomes apparent during the planning. While the building happens and adjustments are made the due date changes a bit just like during a real pregnancy. You do not want cookie cutter schedules. You want a company that communicates with you and responds to what is happening at the time.

Here it is in black and white and whatever color the owner chooses—experience, price, and due date. That folks is the holy triangle of construction and First State Contractors has that. Call us at 866-398-9103 or contact us here and get started.