Commercial Building Quotes in Avondale, PA

estimateWhen building in a progressive area such as Avondale, PA it is important to understanding commercial building quotes. Here are a few details that we cover with all of our clients to ensure the best possible construction work for any budget.

  • Pre-Construction Planning: The overall details, designs, timelines, and budgets are all covered during this initial planning phase.
  • Project Scheduling: Here we construct a proper and detailed plan of when specific deadlines and benchmarks are met.
  • Cost Estimating: Once we understand how much space and materials are needed, we will construct a detailed cost sheet as to how much funding is required to complete your project.
  • Design Review/Value Engineering: Before our team members begin to break ground, it is important that we clearly understand your vision. We do not want to waste any time by making an unintentional mistake that could halt any part of the process.
  • Construct-ability Review: While we do our best to make sure we meet your every aspiration, there may come a time where something is not possible. If for any reason we believe that there is a problem or an adjustment needs to be made, we will make our notes and provide alternative options if applicable.
  • Scope Definition: This list is a part of the project-planning phase where we break down every single project goal, tasks, deadlines and costs.
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly Meetings Based on Schedule: It is vital to make sure that our team updates your representatives on a timely basis.
  • Detailed Schedule Updates: In addition to our weekly or bi-weekly meetings, we also want to provide you with updates on benchmark tasks as soon as possible.
  • Sub-contractors Weekly Meetings (Schedule, Change Orders, Safety, etc): Sometimes there are tasks where we may have to use a subcontractor. In this scenario, we will also include them in our meetings so everyone is on the same page.
  • Owner Change Orders- Time Extensions: If for any reason there are owner changes on either party‚Äôs side, it is best for everyone to be informed. This is an integral part to keeping a great line of communication open.
  • Inspections (State & Local): Each building is required to meet specific inspection tests before being deemed proper for the public. Our team is well informed of state & local standards and we abide by what is needed.
  • Payment Applications: These payment applications are set in place for payments that are staggered out through the entire project.
  • Request for Information (RFI): If your team has any questions in regards to the project, our RFI form is created so our representatives can appropriately address the situation.
  • Submittals- Subcontracts: If you would like to utilize a subcontractor, it is important that our team and theirs are on the same page. This way there is no delay on either side to delay your project.
  • Material Ordering: The companies that we use to order our materials are the best in the industry. We provide product descriptions, the actual products, quantity, and prices for each material used.
  • Sub Back Charges: If for any reason a payment is delayed or re-scheduled to the next billing period, sub back charges will be applied accordingly.
  • Independent Inspections & Testing: Although our crew constructs a thorough inspection & testing of your property, no one is immune to mistakes. An independent inspection is utilized as a second pair of eyes to ensure the best quality work is provided to you.
  • Punch List: Throughout the entire process, this is our checklist to make sure every task is documented, completed, and paid for.